Personal Notes

I am an active learner, constantly relaying new ideas and information to my team. I have a huge passion for learning, and am always learning new things.

I have since a young age actively been learning and teaching software tools, including game development and game AI.

Skill Cloud

TypeScriptJavaScriptReactVueJSNodeJSAWS Event BridgeAWSNext.jsSCSSAWS CloudwatchGatsbyCSSWebPackPHPStatic AnalysisLaravelGoAmPHPGodotGitSonarCloud managementPythonReactPHPAWS CognitoC#BashContinuous DeploymentTailwindCSSGitlabPostgreSQLContinuous IntegrationRedisHTMLDockerAWS SQSGitlab CI/CDGithubGithub ActionsVercelMicro FrameworksNetlifyMySQLRabbitMQFramework development

Work Experience

  • GoDaddy - Senior Software Engineer (November 2021 - Present)

    • Developed critical services for the new Managed WooCommerce Stores platform up post-merger

      Services included modern rewrites of old code, as well as translation layers and clients for the greater GoDaddy ecosystem. To work on these, I was required to design and spec out the work, as well as implement much of the foundational core for these services and tools.

    • Lead developer on V2 development for the Managed WooCommerce Stores platform

      Version 2 is an extensive change from our older platform under Pagely, and requires an extensive redesign and rewrite to get working. To achieve this, I was set out to lead projects through the initial conception stage all the way to completion, working closely with my colleagues and planning out the work that is necessary.

    • Maintenance of the in-house web framework

      The in-house framework used on the Pagely architecture has been in development for many years and I have been tasked to lead the charge on modernizing it and making it more feature rich and useful for employees, while removing a lot of technical debt. Some notable improvements are: fixing issues related to validation and authentication, allowing unauthenticated users to investigate unvalidated data structures; Ability to deprecate endpoints and record and clean up all cases where an endpoint should no longer be used; And introducing new testing tools to speed up test writing and create better more thorough tests.

  • Pagely - Software Engineer (February 2021 - November 2021)

    • Developer on PHP and Go Microservices and React Front-end.
    • Participated in the migration from billing services.

      Migration was an extensive effort, connected to the majority of the product. The process was completed in three months, and final migration was near painless.

    • Worked on the migration to Github Actions, ensuring CI/CD setup works for all our services.
    • Expanded and improved the Micro-framework and testing tools used.
    • Migrating of the front-end codebase to TypeScript, helping improve type inference to be on par with PHP and Go.
    • Key developer in building Single Sign On into the product.
  • Happy Money - Software Engineer (October 2020 - February 2021)

    • Salesforce Developer on Loan Origination platform.
    • CI/CD work to modernize workflows for deployment to Salesforce.
  • TitanHQ - Senior Developer (May 2018 - October 2020)

    • Lead developer on SpamTitan

      SpamTitan is a globally deployed Enterprise grade malware and spam filtering product with millions of users world wide. My work on it includes leading the API development, modernization of the tooling and mentoring the more senior engineers in the company on these modern tools, and advancements in the feature set of the product. Modernized the CI/CD dev flow to utilize docker, in a move towards a containerized environment for the product.

  • TitanHQ - Support Engineer (May 2016 - May 2018)

    • Achievement: Developed a number of internal systems for the company.


  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering (Aug. 2012 - May 2013)
  • James Bowie High School (Aug. 2008 - May 2012)
    • Location: Austin, Tx
    • Degree Path: High School
    • Achievements of Note:
      • 1st Place in District Science Fair in Computer Science for a path finding algorithm
      • Lead Autonomy Developer for FRC team